Growing Awareness Into Action

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The news of the world — its wars, injustice, and planetary destruction — is everywhere.

If we are paying attention, we are subject to numbness, grief, anger, or fear that can keep us from acting on our desire to be a part of the solution.

Tell Your Story Workshop

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Story-telling is one of our most powerful tools as organizers and movement builders. The following sessions developed through close collaboration with Marshall Ganz and our friends at the New Organizing Institute discuss why story-telling matters and some methods for harnessing the power of stories most effectively.

Midnight Special Law Collective

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The Midnight Special Law Collective is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to providing legal trainings and accessi

Organizing Cools the Planet

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Organizing Cools The Planet offers a challenge to all concerned about the ecological crisis: find your frontline.

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Want to learn some popular protest songs used by Peaceful Uprising but don't have a guitar handy? Stream songs from or download them to your own device.

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