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The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever

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The guide is authored by over 30 of the top online organizers from a spectrum of progressive movement groups: from, Freedom to Marry, New Organizing Institute, Avaaz, GetEqual, Greenpeace, Idle No More, Open Media, and many others.

Resources: Radical Inclusion Workshop

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Below you'll find a living compilation of resources, following the 2nd Session of our Climate Justice Bold School on Radical Inclusion. We hope to keep this list growing, so please feel free to get in touch with us, if there are resources you'd like for our community to see and benefit from.


Bibliography from Session #1: Abolitionist Resistance

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Bibliography: Abolitionist Resistance and Theories of Change


Theories of Power

Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

Antonio Gramsci, Selections from the Prison Notebooks (New York: International Publishers, 1970).

Chantal Mouffe, Gramsci & Marxist Theory (London, Routledge, Keegan and Paul, 1979).

Handout from Session #1: Abolitionist Resistance & Theories of Change

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Abolitionist Resistance History & Theories of Social Change


The Crash Course

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This is a 20-chapter video series that ties together 3 broad concepts into a comprehensive analysis of our world -- the economy, energy resources, and the environment. It's the most objective and understandable (yet thorough!) analysis of how the current economic system works, how its design requires exponential growth, and how that growth is colliding with the limits of energy and resources on this planet. This lays the foundation for what I see as the the defining story of this time period, and it's both terrifying and exhilarating!

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