Indigenous Philosophy & Politics (Bold School #3)

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Alfred, T. 2009. Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Angayuqaq Kawagley, O. 2009. “A Yupiaq Worldview: A Pathway to Ecology and Spirit.” In M. Shaa Tláa Williams, ed., The Alaska Native Reader: History, Culture, Politics. Durham: Duke

University Press.

De-Growth Resources (Bold School #3)

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Post Carbon Institute

Deconstructing the myths of the food industry in 6 minutes

Documentary Surviving Progress

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

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When he was jailed in Birmingham for a non-violent protest against segregation, he wrote an open letter explaining why the movement needed to escalate its efforts. Although this letter was written with respect to the civil rights movements, the lessons taught is valuable for anyone who has goals and aspirations of making a positive change in this world.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

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White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack is an essay written by Petty McIntosh about what it means and what it looks like when one benefits from white privilege. It is a self-conscious examination of unearned advantage in society from the perspective of a white person.

Aspiring Social Justice Ally Identify Developement

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"Individuals who are supportive of social justice efforts are not always effective in their anti-oppression efforts. Some who genuinely aspire to act as social justice allies are harmful, ultimately, despite their best intentions, perpetuating the system of oppression they seek to change. Different underlying motivations of those who aspire to be allies can lead to differences in effectiveness, consistency, outcome, and sustainability.

The Invisible Whiteness of Being

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Through a series of interviews, Dr. Sue defines white privilege and uses examples to indicate how white privilege serves to keep Whites relatively oblivious to the opposite effect this has on persons of color.

Climate Trial Script

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Peaceful Uprising's "Climate Trial" is a 30 minute street theater performance that was written by folks from PeaceUp after Tim DeChristopher's trial was postponed for the 8th time.  We decided to hold our own Mock Trial and put the Fossil Fuel Industry, Corporations, and Citizens on the stand along with giant puppets of a child judge, James Hansen, and Tim DeChristopher.

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