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In the 20th century, cheap and abundant energy brought previously unimaginable advances in health, wealth, and technology, and fed an explosion in population and consumption. But this growth came at an incredible cost. Climate change, peak oil, freshwater depletion, species extinction, and a host of economic and social problems now challenge us as never before. The Post Carbon Reader features articles by some of the world’s most provocative thinkers on the key drivers shaping this new century, from renewable energy and urban agriculture to social justice and systems resilience.

A People's History Of The United States

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History is a Weapon has posted the full text online! From their site:

This great book should really be read by everyone. It is difficult to describe why it so great because it both teaches and inspires. You really just have to read it. We think it is so good that it demands to be as accessible as possible. Once you've finished it, we're sure you'll agree. In fact, years ago, we would offer people twenty dollars if they read the book and didn't think it was completely worth their time. Of all the people who took us up on it, no one collected.

The Next American Revolution

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The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century


PeaceUp's Solidarity Songbook

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This is the songbook PeaceUp used at Tim DeChristopher's trial, sentencing, and a variety of other events. For free digital recordings of some of these songs, visit

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