PeaceUp Bold School

This is an opportunity to cement stronger bonds and solidarity on the ground, while actively deepening our individual and collective theories of how to bring about lasting change. Our invitation is for you to come co-create knowledge with us, as we continue move from awareness into action and to empower ourselves to be effective agents of change.

Climate Justice is work rooted at the intersections of environmental degradation and the economic, racial and social inequities it perpetuates. WINNING does not mean simply fighting for a greener, cleaner version of the system we have now, but rather seeking a PARADIGM SHIFT in which we replace the current oppressive system. Over this next year, we will expand our own theories of how to attain effective and lasting change.


Bold School Session # 4: Basic Organizing Skills

Join us for the FOURTH session of our CLIMATE JUSTICE BOLD SCHOOL.-Basic Organizing Skills-This workshop will focus on practical skills and resources for you to use as an organizer for change in your own community. Join us on Saturday March 30th, from 10:...

RSVP for Session # 3: Post Capitalism Economics

 On January 26th, we will be hosting a training on Post-Capilatism Economics. We're working with our friends from Transition Salt Lake and Post Carbon Institute, to bring you theories, best practices and models for a society post peak oil. We speak of a...

Abolish the Fossil Fuel Industry

How do activists use social movement history? What lessons can be learned from past movements for social change in our fight to stop climate change? We often rely on lessons and tactics from the U.S. Civil Rights movement. We think this might be the best...

RSVP for Session #2 on 12/8: Radical Inclusion

 On Saturday December 8th, our training will be a full day working with our friends from The Inclusion Center to co-create understanding and definitions of climate justice. We will explore both principles and best practices of radical inclusion and anti-...


The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever
Education & Training

The guide is authored by over 30 of the top online organizers from a spectrum of progressive movement groups: from, Freedom to Marry, New Organizing Institute, Avaaz, GetEqual, Greenpeace, Idle No More, Open Media, and many others.The guide is 80...

Indigenous Philosophy & Politics (Bold School #3)

SOME SOURCES FOR FURTHER READING (INDIGENOUS PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICS)Alfred, T. 2009. Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto. Toronto: Oxford University Press.Angayuqaq Kawagley, O. 2009. “A Yupiaq Worldview: A Pathway to Ecology and Spirit...

De-Growth Resources (Bold School #3)

Post Carbon Institute the myths of the food industry in 6 minutes Surviving Progress

Resources: Radical Inclusion Workshop
Education & Training

Below you'll find a living compilation of resources, following the 2nd Session of our Climate Justice Bold School on Radical Inclusion. We hope to keep this list growing, so please feel free to get in touch with us, if there are resources you'd like for...

Bibliography from Session #1: Abolitionist Resistance
Education & Training

Bibliography: Abolitionist Resistance and Theories of Change Theories of PowerKarl Marx, The Communist ManifestoAntonio Gramsci, Selections from the Prison Notebooks (New York: International Publishers, 1970).Chantal Mouffe, Gramsci & Marxist Theory (...

Handout from Session #1: Abolitionist Resistance & Theories of Change
Education & Training

CLIMATE JUSTICE BOLD SCHOOL LAUNCH.Abolitionist Resistance History & Theories of Social ChangeTHEORIES of POWER.In order to evaluate theories of social change and develop our own, we need to understand power. What is it? How does it work?Monolithic...

Bold School Flyer with Training Schedule
Booklet or Zine

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD BY PRINTING OUT THIS FLYER, and LEAVING IT IN PUBLIC SPACES NEAR YOU (ie. your favorite coffee shop, your college campus, your local library... and more!)