Authentic Relationships

A U T H E N T I C   R E L A T I O N S H I P S 

Taking the time to build genuine relationships within our community and across the larger Climate Justice movement.

In a society dominated by fierce competition and unlimited growth, we've progressively sacrificed our once-cherished human values for a flashy 

collection of material gains. Hungry for recognition and approval, we're quick to turn to updating our Facebook status rather than initiating a hard face-to-face conversation with a neighbor. Grace Lee Boggs, in the Next American Revolution, says: “Community is the most important thing that has been destroyed by dominant culture.

Let us not shy away from the truth: maintaining interpersonal relationships is intricately complicated especially when dealing with a diverse group of people. In such a high stakes setting, inevitably, emotions run awry, personalities and values clash, conflicts arise, – the latter often culminating in moments of stressful, fast-paced activity. And working through those takes time, genuine respect, compassion and a commitment to radical listening. It takes standing in the unknown, with an intention to truly be there for one another, in spite of our different comfort levels. There's no perfect guidebook for that – only practice and respect serve us.

The same goes for relationships across physical and cultural boundaries, even when our organizational priorities don’t align.
As a community, PeaceUp is not interested in building solely strategic alliances that will not survive the test of time. Anyone who has spent time in the Peaceful Uprising community has experienced that first hand. One of the challenges of our generation is to set aside our differences, in tactics and campaign models, as we build Beloved Community on a large scale. In times of such uncertainty and paramount shifts, what will tomorrow's relationships look like? How will we embrace deeper, more conscious of relating to one another with Love & Respect?

Our challenge to you:  Next time you find yourself frustrated with a member of your community, rather than carry that resentment around with you, invite them to coffee and have an honest and authentic conversation with them.   It is incredible to see how one person doing this impacts and inspires the entire community to have these difficult and healing conversations.