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Welcome to the 350 Workshops Toolkit. A few years ago, when we started running climate leadership workshops around the world, we realized that there are so many passionate, energized ordinary people out there, who, with a little bit of practice, could become a powerful corps of leaders driving change. You are one of those people; This climate workshops toolkit is for you.

We’re really excited to provide what we think is one of the best collection of documents, notes, tips and ideas on climate organizing. We can’t claim to know everything about leadership and organizing, and we encourage you to take these materials and adapt them to your own style and context (just make sure to credit and our friends who helped develop these guides!)

So, how do I use this toolkit?

We anticipate climate organizers using this toolkit in a number of ways. You can: 1) Read it on your own; 2) Print it out and run the sessions with your organizing team; or 3) Host or find a 350 Workshop near you that’s based on this toolkit. However you end up using this toolkit, we hope that it will help you become a savvier, more skilled and more effective climate organizer, so that we can build a movement powerful enough to solve the climate crisis.