Telling a New Story

T E L L I N G   A   N E W   S T O R Y 

Peaceful Uprising brings a new energy, soul and spirit to expanding consciousness around climate change
and non-violent direct action through Art, Theatre, Song and Personal Narrative.

V I S U A L  A R T  

Visual art engages the energy of the soul and community in a way we can all see and share.

T H E A T E R  

Theater catches the spirit and soul of community in a way both actors and audience can experience.

  S O N G  

Song energizes the spirit and engages the soul.

  P E R S O N A L   N A R R A T I V E  

We recognize that our human stories are extremely powerful and learning how to  share them, aids us along our transformation as individuals and communities as we evolve into powerful agents of change.