Skills Trainings

S K I L L S  T R A I N I N G S

In order to effectively employ non-violent resistance as a strategy in our Beloved Communities, we must learn the tools and strategy of our past, present and future, and empower ourselves to share this knowledge with others. 

There are incredible resources that continue to be used, re-written and reinvented.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’d like to share the resources that Peaceful Uprising has found through our friends and allies and those we have used to expand our own knowledge and skill sets.  

Through our own trial and error, we have found that it is incredibly helpful to attend all of the trainings you can; those that fit your interests and those that broaden and challenge you.  And if you find that you have a particular affinity toward one area, research it, attend more trainings, reach out to allies and friends and see what other resources they can provide you with, and then put on a training of your own. Sometimes, the best way to internalize something is to teach it to others.  

NVDA TRAININGS:  Ideally, a non-violent direct action training can be done with a group who can work together for at least two days. Participants will discover the history and core values of Civil Disobedience, different roles and responsibilities that go into planning and executing an action, as well as de-escalation tools and affinity groups.

Legal trainings walk you through your basic rights as a citizen, giving you specific advice on language and behavior when you’re involved with a protest or direct action. Often, these also direct you to resources to find pro-bono attorneys and/or legal organization (like the ACLU or National Lawyers Guild) that can provide you with more specific advice on legal implications in your area.

One of the agreed upon definitions of civil disobedience is that it must be publicly visible and attract attention. For activists, this means carefully crafting and convey your campaign message in order to attract media attention and get the word out. Trainings including working out talking points, writing press release and sending these to media agents, as well as optimizing social media blasts.

Organizing Cools the Planet (Strategy, Direct Action, Organizing, Frontline Communities & more)

Ruckus Society (Non-Violent Direct Action, Action Planning, Creative Visuals & more)
And if you'd like to request trainings: Workshops (Telling your story, Building a Campaign, Media & more)

Midnight Special Law Collective (Know your Rights, Legal Solidarity, Action Legal Team, Legal Observers & more)

Praxis Makes Perfect, from Joshua Kahn Russell (Strategy, Tactics, Non-violent Direct Action, Facilitation, Organizing, Media & more)
Joshua Kahn Russell is an organizer serving movements for social justice and ecological balance. He is an action coordinator, facilitator, & trainer with the Ruckus Society, and has trained thousands of activists. He has helped win campaigns against banks, oil companies, logging corporations, and coal barons; worked with a wide variety of groups in a breadth of arenas, from local resiliency projects, to national coalitions, to the United Nations Climate Negotiations. He has authored chapters for numerous books, most recently The Next Eco-Warriors. His articles have appeared inYes! magazine, Left Turn, PeaceWork magazine, Upping the Anti, and Z Magazine. His blog is and you can follow him on Twitter at @joshkahnrussell