The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever

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The guide is authored by over 30 of the top online organizers from a spectrum of progressive movement groups: from, Freedom to Marry, New Organizing Institute, Avaaz, GetEqual, Greenpeace, Idle No More, Open Media, and many others.

The guide is 80 pages long and is comprised of 16 chapters — full of strategic advice, tactical tips, and case studies, including: 

  • Going Big Picture: How to Craft a Winning Strategy - by Ivan Boothe
  • Why Storytelling Matters & How to Get it Right - by Duncan Meisel
  • Facebook 101 - by Michael Crawford and Cameron Tolle
  • 12 Secrets to Re-mixing Facebook for Social Change - by Green Memes
  • How to Unleash a “Facebook Storm” - by Henia Belalia
  • Twitter 101 - by Beth Becker
  • Twitter 201 - by Meena Hussain
  • How to Make Your Own Memes (without any design skills) - by Green Memes
  • Move the World: Ace Photography Tips, and How to Rock out with Flickr - by Shadia Fayne Wood
  • GMail Therapy for Online Organizers: How to Break Out of Your Oppressive Inbox and Achieve Email Bliss - by Jon Warnow
  • Moving it Offline: Why Real World Matters & How to Host a Momentous Meetup - by Dana Kuhnline
  • Case Study: Tar Sands Blockade - by Will Wooten
  • Case Study: - by Lindsey Pinto
  • Case Study: Idle No More - by Leena Minifie
  • Bonus Awesome Resources - by Green Memes

You’ll also find over 20 “wisdom nuggets” sprinkled throughout the guide — hard-won pieces of advice from weathered online organizers, designed to help you avoid trap-falls and learn the art of online organizing that much quicker. 

The whole guide is Creative Commons licensed - you’re absolutely free to download it, and use it however you’d like for non-profit movement-building.

You might be asking, Why is this guide free? 

Well, it started out as a Kickstarter project that was a huge success. And we owe a huge thanks to the 74 people and sponsoring organizations that chipped in to make it happen. 

Check out our great sponsors below — we owe some heavy, heavy thanks to these groups! 

We also set out to make something that was free—that anyone with a decent internet connection could download and start learning from. We wanted to make something that could help many of our activist friends who get shy and nervous around social media get confident and really effective at rocking out with online tools. The way we see it, if this guide helps lift up more grassroots campaigns and social movements, we all win. 

How can I help? 

Since we just launched the guide, we’d really appreciate some reviews and blog coverage to help spread the word. If you write a blog post, please let us know! Drop us a note at 

How can I stay in touch? 

Check out all the links to the authors’ websites in the guide — and like Green Memes’ on facebook! Our email is

No, really, I want to pay money for this thing. 

Well, this was a big group effort. If you feel really inclined to donate money, please give to our friends at Coal River Mountain Watch. They helped support us a lot (Megan and Joe) as we first got started corralling the guide together. 

Need more reasons to download the guide? Check out some teaser memes below: