I N E X P E R I E N C E  

The first step to becoming a powerful agent of change is refuting the notion that only trained and experienced organizers can harness and foster collective power.

Raise your hand if you've stopped yourself from being a powerful agent of change because you “lacked the proper training and experience”? We're a society of heroes. A troubling notion that keeps us stagnating as we wait for “the others” who know better, or political/community leaders who will step in and “save us”.  Truth is most of our heroes are ordinary people taking on extraordinary tasks. Look at Tim, who had no formal experience when  he walked into the 2008 auction – just the courage of his convictions. The community that rallied behind him that eventually formed PeaceUp, is one of passionate volunteers, the majority of which never received formal training. We’ve literally “built our wings on the way down” by choosing to embrace our ordinariness, vulnerabilities and inexperience. We cherish the notion that sometimes Organizing is Improvising – figuring it out along the way, while taking advantage of opportunities that surface, as we did when a last-minute delay in Tim’s sentencing forced us to generate 35 national solidarity events in only 10 days' time.

Remember, YOU are much more powerful than you think. “Seismic shifts” happen when ordinary folks get together, feel empowered, and learn to believe in themselves as powerful agents of change. More often than not Ingenuity trumps training.

We invite YOU to create a forum to experiment, fail and learn from your mistakes. To bring together different levels of skills and make connections with other groups. Through these relationships, you lay the groundwork for genuine & generous collaboration, with allies (friends, really) both locally and nationally.