Community Audits

C O M M U N I T Y   A U D I T S

Community Audits embrace finding and taking action on a balance of protesting the "hot spots" and supporting the "cool spots" in our local communities, thus empowering us to actively create our vision of a just and healthy world.  

The initial inspiration that led us to performing grassroots Community Audits came as we were organizing around Tim’s sentencing -- originally scheduled for June and then delayed until July 26th, 2011. We recognized that all of the actions we were planning were highlighting what we found to be wrong in our community (HOT spots), while completely neglecting positive resilient efforts that we genuinely stand behind (COOL spots).

Thus, we made the decision to restore equilibrium: every time we called out and organized against a Hot Spot, we would actively support a Cool spot in our community. On June 24th, 2011, we held a small protest against Tar Sands mining in Utah at the local SITLA office. Later that day, 30 of us spent the remainder of the afternoon digging up a garden and compost bin for the Sego Lily School, projected to be the first net-zero school in the country. Its students had voted to make their school more sustainable with solar power, a school garden and community involvement.

As 2012 gears up, we’re adding another element -- that of Crowd Sourcing, going door-to-door and asking residents what they consider to be local sources of injustice that should be stopped, while also giving us insight into what positive efforts they support. This will allow us to: 1) speak more genuinely for our community, by planning strategic actions based on our detailed evaluation; and 2) galvanize and activate a larger base.

Community Audits are extremely powerful, as they become a catalyst for de-growth and regeneration, resistance and resilience. We’re speaking truth to power, refusing to adhere to “business as usual”, while at the same time creating the vision for the just and healthy world we want to see.

Our challenge to you:  Work with your beloved community to plan a Community Audit - pinpoint one GOOD and one BAD in your local community and plan actions for both.  Planning a non-violent direct action to stand up to an injustice is balanced by volunteering, gardening, or supporting a resilient initiative in your community empowers and invigorates your community.  Start practicing!  On February 28th, 2013 Peaceful Uprising will call on all Communities of Resilient Resistance to act together in nationwide Community Audits.