Being Together

B E I N G  T O G E T H E R 

BEING with one another, recognizing waves of energy and simply caring for each other.

Our 12th Core Principle states that “Protecting Peaceful Uprising as an institution will never take precedent over our commitment to the fight for a healthy and just world. From our inception, this is a value we've held close to our heart – whether it meant radicalizing national conversations, taking on risky projects continuing to explore creative infrastructure

outside of the typical NGO model. We're willing to risk the institution, carried by the conviction that the spirit of our community will prevail.  

In the last year, we've seen our brother and beloved friend, Tim, get hauled off to prison and all of our money disappear through the mis-use of our fiscal sponsor, yet we're still standing. We navigated those rough waters by BEING together – Sunday coffee hours at the warehouse, movie and discussion nights, potluck dinners, facilitated group therapy sessions to work through the trauma, volunteer appreciation gatherings, etc.   Not following any formula, or recipe - just people recognizing waves of energy, watching vibes, and caring for each other. How we do keep a community inspired? Let's try weekly events, ranging from trainings to discussions to outdoor excursions. How do we heal and move forward? Let's SING through our despair. How do we re-energize a community and invite new folks in? Let's organize an Arts Day making puppets and orange sashes. And how do we alleviate tension in the space? Let's talk openly and honestly about our fears and shortcomings, as tough as that may be. Our solutions have been a product of people’s needs and creativity -- of trying and failing many times, yet being willing to try again.

Our challenge to you:  Plan an event, that will galvanize and inspire your community.  Some ideas:  Weekly coffee hour: pick a discussion topic or a short reading and have your community come and discuss with you over a cup of joe.  Or, set up a book group and meet once a month to continue to expand your communities consciousness and knowledge.  Don’t know what books to pick?  Check out Tim DeChristopher’s book group and pick from past or current books.