Banner Making Training Video

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Having beautiful, well thought out messages on large banners can make or break a demonstration. People observing the demonstration on site, on live media and later in captured media will look to a banner to form their opinions about a cause. If you have a volatile situation and you want the demonstrators to remain calm you can diffuse the situation with art. Confrontational messages and images are often appropriate when you need to present a strong unified voice demanding change. 

Demonstrators often internalize the subtle messages from protest art and express themselves according to their interpretation. Using loaded imagery and short simple text, create art for a demonstration or performance that communicates an effective message about a subject you are passionate about.

If you don't have a specific demonstration planned it is a good idea to have banners made about the subjects your group cares about. Please tweet images of your banners to @Credstone when they are done. Bonus points if you use them in a demonstration. Thanks!

*This video is also posted as a project for students in the "Open Studio Project"*